How You Can Support Parents-To-Be
and New Families in the Age of COVID-19

There are plenty of ways you can continue to make new and expectant families feel special, from replacing in-person baby showers with virtual celebrations, to making a supply run for essentials.

New moms and their partners often depend on friends and family for support during and after pregnancy, but being there for loved ones might feel like a challenge in the current climate. While navigating this time of uncertainty, it’s important to remember that you can continue to celebrate the new families and parents-to-be in your life from a safe distance. Inspired by Johnson’s Baby’s commitment to being #InItTogether and helping pregnant moms enjoy their pregnancy fully, even during the novel coronavirus outbreak, here are some thoughtful things you can do to spread some positivity and show them you care.

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1.Host a Virtual Celebration

In lieu of gathering guests for a baby shower, consider hosting a virtual celebration for the parents-to-be in your life. After you choose a video service to act as the venue, send out digital invites with a link to the baby registry. You can play games—like baby shower bingo or mommy and daddy trivia—and open gifts just like you would at an in-person shower. When it comes to gift giving, ask each guest to send their present in advance or show a photo of the gift that they’re mailing after the party.

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2.Share Helpful Resources

In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many local and national organizations are providing help to new and expectant parents. You can support the new families and parents-to-be in your life by doing some research and letting them know about things like the location of the nearest diaper bank, how to access virtual support groups for parents, and where to find information on local nonprofits that are distributing donations. You can also gift expectant moms a membership to Expectful, which is the number one meditation and sleep app for fertility, pregnancy and parenthood.

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3.Drop Off Prepared Food

New parents need to stay well-fed and healthy, but taking care of a newborn 24/7 means there isn’t much time to focus on their own needs. Consider dropping off nutrient-dense, homemade stews or casseroles that can be easily frozen and reheated. You could even organize a meal train by setting up a shared spreadsheet so friends and family members can sign up to make meal drops. Or, with so many restaurants switching to delivery only, order a meal from one of their favorite local restaurants.

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4.Make a Supply Run

Parents-to-be and new families are likely taking extra precautions to stay healthy during this time, and you can help by offering to run errands for them so they don’t have to risk exposure to the virus. The next time you head to the pharmacy or grocery store for essentials, ask if they need things like diapers, medicine and food. Or ship them supplies from an online retailer if you don’t have plans to visit the store. They’ll appreciate the gesture, especially if they live in an area where grocery delivery is scarce or unavailable.

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5.Check In Regularly

Sometimes the best thing you can do for new families and parents-to-be in your life is to simply keep in touch. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, they might be dealing with heightened anxiety. Calling once a week, sending funny memes or mailing thoughtful, handwritten notes are all easy ways to help reassure them that they’re not alone.

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6.Send a Care Package

Putting together a thoughtful, personalized care package is a great way to lift the spirits of both new families and expectant parents. Order and send self-care goodies like comfy pajamas for dad, face masks for mom and gentle Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion from for the little one. They’ll know you’re still thinking of them, even though you can’t be together.

This story was published on 5/7/2020. The COVID-19 situation is always changing, so check the CDC website for the most up-to-date information.

Visit Johnson’s Baby for more gentle baby products and ways to support new moms and their little ones.
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Visit Johnson’s Baby for more gentle baby products and ways to support new moms and their little ones.